About Marie Skjelbo Nielsen

Marie Skjelbo Nielsen has been employed at Hovmøller & Thorup since 2011. Formerly, Marie Skjelbo Nielsen was employed in the auditor business specializing in tax law. Because of her former employment, Marie Skjelbo Nielsen is highly qualified within the area of tax law including taking cases to the Danish Tax Appeal Board and to the Danish National Tax Tribunal.

Marie Skjelbo Nielsen’s main fields of expertise are tax law, real estate VAT, employment law and insolvency law. Moreover, Marie Skjelbo Nielsen also works with real estate transfer giving legal advice to private owners and companies on the sale and purchase of real estate.

Because of her former employment in the auditor business, Marie Skjeldbo Nielsen has a special focus on tax law matters whether in real estate transfer, employment law, or general commercial law.

Marie Skjelbo Nielsen is a frequent lecturer on real estate VAT, tax law matters, and employment law.

Highlighted fields of expertise:

  • Tax law
  • Real estate VAT
  • Insolvency law
  • Employment law

MSc in Business Economics and Audit, University of Odense, 2001
Master of law, Aarhus University, 2007
Qualified lawyer, 2012
Right to appear before the Danish High Court, 2016 

Marie Skjelbo Nielsen
Lawyer, Merc.aud
+45 96 30 42 49
+45 25 46 11 86