About Hans Peter Storvang

For years, Hans Peter Storvang has worked with most aspects of general company law having counselled clients on contracts, company law, insolvency, mergers and acquisitions, the law of damage, tax law, commercial criminal law, construction law, court proceeding, and arbitration cases. It is Hans Peter Storvang’s aim to render holistic legal advice focusing on client interest. It is of vital importance to Hans Peter Storvang that his advice adds value to his client’s case.

Over the years, Hans Peter Storvang has conducted a number of leading court cases and cases of arbitration, and for a period, he was an ad interim appointed High Court Judge at the Western Division of the Danish High Court. With his experience as a lawyer and a judge, he has deep insight into the assessment of case documents and – as part of it – he knows when to advice his client to file a lawsuit and how to strategically plan case proceedings to the optimum benefit of his client


Through the years, Hans Peter Storvang has given advice to clients on the legal relationships of agriculture. By combining his legal expertise on agricultural matters with his knowledge of bankruptcy law, Hans Peter Storvang is fully capable of giving solid and realistic legal advice to farmers in financial distress. Hans Peter Storvang also gives legal advice to banks in order for them to be able to protect both the company and the values of the bank. He is the bankruptcy trustee of several estates as well as the adviser on the reconstruction of companies. In addition, Hans Peter Storvang offers strategic advice to company boards and other decision makers. He is an active board member, and he is often called upon to act as chairman of annual general meetings.


Highlighted fields of expertise


  • General business law
  • Court proceeedings and arbitration cases
  • Company law
  • Insolvency law
  • The legal relationships of agriculture



Master of law, Aarhus University, 2000.
Qualified lawer, 2003.
Right to appear before the Danish High Court, 2009.
Right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court, 2014.
Ad interim appointed High Court Judge at the Western Division of the Danish High Court, 2015. 

Honorary positions

Chairman of the board of the car delaer Midtvejs Auto A/S.

Deputy chairman of the educational institution Han Herred Efterskole.

Board member in the equipment rental business Vesthimmerlands Materieludlejning A/S.

Board member in the social institution Hjorthøjgaard A/S. 

Hans Peter Storvang
Lawyer, Partner
+45 96 30 42 36
+45 21 77 97 23