Hovmøller & Thorup advokatpartnerselskab

The law firm Hovmøller & Thorup is a modern company – established in 2005 as a partnership – with an aggregated experience ranging widely as well as deeply. All employees in our law firm are determined to constantly deliver high quality service to our clients.

You will always meet specialized lawyers, and depending on the assignment, we will form the team best suited in terms of competences to meet the legal needs of your particular case.

Our base being in Northern Jutland, we, however, complete legal cases all over Denmark, and being a member of the Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA), Hovmøller & Thorup has access to a large and worldwide network of law firms. Among other things, this means that we in LNA have a personal knowledge of the lawyers assigned to our clients’ cases outside Denmark. As a client, you can thus be sure to get top-service when there is a need for legal assistance abroad.

To summarize: Hovmøller & Thorup is a locally based law firm with international partnerships and with a constant focus on quality legal advice.

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